Do You Have Any Plans For Tonight?

There are many love songs I haven’t written
but some were written by others
and the songs are
about you

And I feel like falling
all over again
into the sky
where the nightingales spell your name
in colors

Where the stars look up to you
from where the moon shines on the strings of your hair
stuck between your lips and mine

And your smile
when you smile
poets feed their works to the fire
readers smoke more cigarettes
wine cellars age twice as fast
and I understand nothing anymore.


I Shot Them All

Lebanese House In The Mountains - Lebanon

Could have been the kids
playing in the street
or the grocery store
two blocks away
or the birds chirping at my window
what birds?
there are no birds at my window
I fell asleep
molding my pillow
I dreamt
of oceans of sand
waves crashed and swept me off
my wristwatch fell into the sand
I couldn’t get it back
the waves calmed down
but a whirlpool ahead
worked its way towards me
I opened my eyes
and I saw it was him
he came in with tea
I’ve slept for centuries
but everything seems fine
the kids are playing
the store is open
and the birds at my window
what birds?
there are no birds at my window