A Parable of Lies

This is a parable of little or no truth
A parable for the youth
A parable for snake petters
A set of random letters that change hourly, forever

Give him one of these verses if he has any pain

A bum or a prophet
Makes no difference under acid rain
Hail Mary, Mary Jane

Establish force with
A sword and a horse
A book and a scribble
A riddle and a giggle
Little by little
They take away the hammer and sickle

The red nose stuck in the chimney
Light the fire
We all shall burn by turn

I’ll be auditioning priests on a black leather sofa

Hang a cross or hang a diploma
Makes no difference if you explain
Hail Mary, Mary Jane

Pain and Purpose

What is a tree to the hunger of man?
A fruitful rack to feed the mouth which curses
A pillar to be brought down under feet, which stomp the life out of the living

What is a cigarette to the inhaler?
A burning sun in the sake of its lover
A circular tribute to nothingness

What is a horse to a rider?
A transportation method to be beaten
Blinded by leather which man wears to establish establishments

What is a river to a drinker?
A stream of water to replenish the unreplenishable thirst of man
To fill the belly of an abyss
To take the first step towards eternal thirst

What is a rock to its holder?
An instrument which gives birth to pain and purpose
A burden to starve the boredom of the burdened
A weight which crushes the force of an ape

What is man to a cross?
A forsaken son
An orphan
A stream of blood to replenish the unreplenishable savagery of man

What is man to man?
A tool
A sword to conquer man
An inmate
And thus man asks man
What is life to being?