The Nihil River

The last drop of who I used to be is now part of the river

No one above me
No one below me
I’ve become nothing
I’ve become whole
Slamming on the doors of every belief system that used to chain my hand of perdition
Lighting the match with the same hand and
Incinerating everything labeled as holy

The Holy books
The Holy city
The Holy trinity
The Holy Father, Son, and Ghost
The Holy Spirit
The Holy war
The mythical truth
The redeemed
The rescued
The surrendered
The forgiven
The blessed
And the crumbled

Spill the Holy Grail in the river

For no one is holy in the Nihil river
Authority walks on crooked legs

Break her legs
and toss her in the river

For no one is holy in the Nihil river
Drink from the river and perish

For the Nihil river shall consume all
The Nihil river shall consume all.

The Shy Poet

“Tell us your name
And read your poem,”
She said.

I searched for that face in the crowd.

I found her,
And I loved her from that moment on,
Until the end of ‘poetry night’.

I never knew if she loved me back.

“This is the first time I perform poetry,” I wanted to say.
Instead I said: “I’m the shy poet.”

Why did I do that?

“Do you love me?” I wanted
To ask her, “Could you?
Or is that your boyfriend who has his arms around you?”

“I have a girlfriend, too
Somewhere, having dinner,
Drinking with her friends.”

There was a round of applause,
Simply because they thought I was gutless,
To motivate me,
Make me feel at ease.