On the first day

There was nothing.

On the second day

It prevailed.

On the third day

It fought itself.

On the fourth day

Nothing became something

And the something prevailed.

On the fifth day,

It wondered where nothing was.


Hiding behind its shell,

Glorifying its former self,

Losing a part of what it became

So it can move mountains

To where it will favorably fly.


Where is nothing, it wonders

If nothing was there to be found

Maybe it ran away – it ponders

Maybe its long dead and in the ground:


High above the mountain,

Flying between the clouds,

Looking below for something

But there was nothing to be found.

Creation of the Earth

I will give you earth,

Wind, clouds and fire.

I will give you green

And all the you desire.


Wind will be your music

Be it yours to hire.

Be your dominion above ground open

And underneath to sate your fire.


All that walks you will be your plight

But it shall be yours to hire.

Let them upon you have their fight

Only to reclaim them when they expire.


But alone you shall be.

Alone amongst your majors and minors,

Spinning around a glowing pyre.