By Svend Salha


I’m alone once again

To contemplate and wander

Through the endless void

Through nothing, I ponder

I’m myself once again


I’m myself once again

A nothingness of sort

Able to transcend

The wildly manic port

I’m empty once again


I’m empty once again

As the years pass by

I near my destination

Which I won’t defy

I’m nothing and vast


I am the rapid glimpse

I am that which is bare

Empty and barren

Devoid of all despair

I know nought

For I am nothing

I am nothing but free.


Beware of the Word 

By Svend Salha

Beware of the word
And its cogent squall
Always speak kindly
Or speak not at all!

Take heed of loves bite
Pay it with your nerve
Known is your sinew
Which in turn will serve!

Listen to my voice
And know its kind tone
Forget all your ailments
For you’re not alone!

Be cautious and know
That words have weight
Choose wisely, friend
And change your fate.

Beware of the word
The power to invoke
Utter them well
And do not provoke
Your fellow being
Be them, friend or foe
Always speak kindly
For its mercy, you’ll show.