Beaverly Disorder

Beaver’s Daym
by Eldredd von Tripp


In the past few decades, many stories have surfaced that shed light on the clashes between human and wild life that have started since human domicile started its slow expansion into wildlife habitat.
Bears, deer, racoons, possum, birds of various shapes and sizes, felines and the like have started a low key invasion to seemingly reclaim what has been taken from their ancestors, in hopes of subjugating the human spirit.
In a new development, reports out of the township of Tatenborough have brought a disconcerting issue to light. It has been reported that beavers – yes, beavers – have actioned several attacks on the town and stripped it of all its valuable woodly articles; from house boards to signs; from tables and chairs to school doors.
What purpose such thievery had, the locals couldn’t guess.
Not until yours truly decided to stick his nose into the matter and find what these toothy rascals have been up to.
After employing three drones and their local operators to scout the areas surrouding the town, a search party led by myself found an abandoned pile of wood shavings where apparently a makeshift wood processing plant had recently been abandoned.
Arriving at the location, the orderly mob found many track marks in the surprisingly empty clearing that had visibly been left by scuttling in all directions. Finding the state of affairs thus; the mob split up and after an arduous search that consumed the better part of three hours, one of the groups reported finding the end of the scuttley tracks at an exquisitely constructed wooden dam.
The 130 foot dam – affectionately dubbed the Daym Dam – slumped across the Blablabla river and looked like an organized mathematical mayhem of a tornado stricken town. People from the mob recognized furniture, railings, family busts and things they thought were stolen by time.
They were stolen by beavers.
The township of Tatenborough, upon hearing the stories of the now more disgruntled mob, financed study into the matter. The two month affair concluded that Beaver City had been built using stolen human resources because, apparently – in a “wild” turn of events – the invasive human population had stripped the forest of its beaverly materials.
A public outcry flew across Tatenbourough and the mob was reformed and the dam was dismantled, torn into smaller pieces and set afloat down the river.
What had once been a forest, was restructured as building and furniture, reclaimed by selfish beavers and now set afloat off to new adventures.

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