Beirut Noir

Good Morning to the city that never really sleeps.
A city that never lets me sleep.
Good morning to the
Sheikh announcing the prayer time
Husband beating the shit out his wife
Feminist blasting an Audre Lorde audio book through her amplifiers
House helper vacuuming the room on top of mine
My dad doing weird voices in the bathroom
as he clears the mucus from his throat and nose
Police car ringing its siren just to get ahead in the traffic lane
Kid in the building facing mine practicing his drums
Water dripping from the ceiling where the air conditioner is
Sudden electricity cuts triggering crescendo movements as the neighborhood generators start up in unison
Good Morning to everything and Everybody
Good morning to you Beirut
and all of your atrocities welcoming me
as I hesitantly open my eyes
dreading the beginning of a new day.


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