Faceless Man

Painting by: Diana Gorab – Acrylic on canvas

Always absent
Doesn’t belong anywhere

No face
No name
No shame

Deaf to the crowd
Blind to justice
Faceless to everyone

Despises mirrors
For what is seen
Is not through the iris

Has no nose
For the stench of morality

No mouth to sing a song of praise
And no ears for preachers

On his shoulder the rock sits still
The rock laughs
The faceless man suffers
And without any facial expression

He crawls on his bloody knees
With his head tilted to the sky
He sees no light above him
His heart lusts for pain

The rock laughs again
The faceless man’s heart burns like the sun
Asking for more
And not asking for salvation

Author: Ibn Rishdi

I am not great.

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