Eat Makeup and Dance In The Rain

It was raining cats, dogs, kangaroos, you name it!
I was driving, and I could barely see the road ahead of me. The radio volume was low for one reason only – a better vision.

My cellphone beeped, I checked; it was her. I told her that I wanted to see her. She said no, because she hadn’t done her makeup. I took a moment to  gulp that degenerate logic down and told her, “It’s fine, I want to see you anyway.” Her concrete reasoning didn’t seem to shift. But after a few long minutes of “You’re beautiful just the way you are” and similar compliments, she agreed to make it quick and meet me at the entrance of her villa.

I drove through the gates, where there was supposed to be a security guard. He wasn’t there. I think it was raining too heavily for bad things to happen. I parked, got out of the car, locked it, and ran through the downpour towards the entrance.

I messaged her that I was waiting downstairs. (Who still knocks on doors?)
She messaged back : “Just a minute. Lol.”
I thought : “Lol.”

I realized I couldn’t see properly because my glasses were all wet. I took them off, wiped them with my blouse, made them worse, and put them back on.

Thus my wait began.

I started smoking, flicking the cigarette butts into a puddle on the road. Some of them floated, others sank. I thought of myself as the father of cigarette-butt-statistics as I watched and counted them. I flicked the last one. The fifth. It sank.

I wanted to call her, but I didn’t want to sound desperate. Who does? Then I thought: “Man! The self-degradation we go through in this world. Lol.”
I paced back and forth in the parking space and tried to memorize the plate numbers of the cars. Life is short, right?

My foot was fidgeting faster than any drummer. I had an idea.

I went back to the car, got the umbrella (Yes, yes. I know, I know! hey! Sometimes you forget things, ok?) and stood on the edge of the building under the rain with the umbrella protecting me from the ‘waterfall’ – the rain.

The light of the entrance went on. It was her. She opened the door and put the doormat in a way so that the door won’t close. Obviously, she was in a hurry to return home. Better not waste precious powders and lipstick on me.

She told me to step out of the rain and I told her to kiss me under the umbrella. She smiled and ignored, then I insisted until she finally kissed me.
I told her: “I like you. I want to see you more often, but I want to see you.”
She replied: “Lol, I’m hideous.”
I paused for a second, smiled and closed the umbrella.
We were drenched.
She tried to step out of it but I held her in my arms and leaned in to kiss her. Yes, just like in the movies.

Wake up, Casanova. This ain’t Hollywood!

Even the thunder couldn’t cover up the sound of the slap. My face went red. She was wet and dirty, but not in the good sense.

She ran towards the stairs and didn’t look back. I went back to the car. This was the second girl this week.

But ey! Third time’s a charm.

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