The Shy Poet

“Tell us your name
And read your poem,”
She said.

I searched for that face in the crowd.

I found her,
And I loved her from that moment on,
Until the end of ‘poetry night’.

I never knew if she loved me back.

“This is the first time I perform poetry,” I wanted to say.
Instead I said: “I’m the shy poet.”

Why did I do that?

“Do you love me?” I wanted
To ask her, “Could you?
Or is that your boyfriend who has his arms around you?”

“I have a girlfriend, too
Somewhere, having dinner,
Drinking with her friends.”

There was a round of applause,
Simply because they thought I was gutless,
To motivate me,
Make me feel at ease.

Author: Borislav Volkov

A ghostwriter.

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