Fragments: Neck in the Noose 

I keep visualizing my neck in the noose. I see myself hanging from the ceiling, swinging like a pendulum. (I also hear squeaking sounds.)

Tick tock… I’ve been dead for a while. I mean, I’ve been thinking about it.

Whether I am lying in bed at night (like now), or I am on my way to work, I constantly feel the presence of death.

I try to fill my time, to work all the time – as an attempt to get my mind off things. But then I have to lie in bed again, or drive to work, or take a shit, and I remember. 

“There is no escape, is there? Here you are visiting me again, uninvited friend. What do you want?”

And here are my fingers, tap dancing on the touch screen, expressing.

“I will live to write another word.”

Author: Borislav Volkov

A ghostwriter.

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